Symmetrical design

Idol 3’s premium symmetrical design is the perfect expression of its unique user experience. It is 100% reversible: use it either way up and the user interface rotates to match even to make or receive a call.
The Idol 3 benefits from dual microphones, as is standard on most phones nowadays, but we have gone one better here. By combining a switching screen orientation feature and the front facing speakers on the top and bottom, you can now make or take calls no matter which way up you’re holding the phone – and get the same call quality.
Sophisticated CMF

The world first dual color dual finishing metal looking frame well-integrated with a black matrix glass display makes the Idol 3 series look elegant and premium at the affordable price in a smart way.
side-l-dark gray副本.png
Color icon26-07.png
g1-dark gray.png
g1-soft gold.png